Pro's Corner

Pressure Grip

By John Leach

One of the things I like to talk most about in the golf swing is grip pressure. I don't believe in different pressure points in the hands. I don't buy the theory that says the club should be held more firmly with the last two or three fingers of the left hand and the middle fingers of the right hand. I think all eight fingers, the left thumb, and the two palms should be exerting the same amount of pressure. My only exception is that I don't feel the right thumb should be exerting any pressure. If you didn't need it to write with and to hold your fork, you could cut it off. The lack of pressure from the thumb helps avoid having the right hand (which is the stranger hand, if you are a right-hander, of course) take over closing the club face and ruining the shot. the most important and most overlooked pressure point is that of the right palm against the left thumb. Maintaining constant pressure here is what keeps your hands joined during the swing, working together rather than in opposition.

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